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Retail Acrylic Displays

Acrylic display cases are one of most popular and versatile merchandising displays used today. Acrylic is a material used in the manufacture of merchandising displays. Retail acrylic displays have been in use for several decades. Very popular for jewellery display cases and electronics display, they are also extremely popular for trade show exhibits and custom retail environments world-wide.

Acrylic Jewellery Display Cases

Expensive products are often displayed in acrylic jewelry display cases. Acrylic displays are highly desirable for their strength and security capabilities when high priced items are on public display.

Acrylic is not a natural substance – it’s a synthetic made from petroleum-based materials and it’s used in thousands of everyday products. In the custom display industry, it is used in everything from retail environments, jewellery display cases, trade show displays, merchandising shelving, and kiosks.

Acrylic Displays Have Many Names

You may know Acrylic by its many commercial names which include PMMA, Plexiglas, Perspex, Acrylite, and Polycast.

In manufacturing, acrylic has been a commercially successful product for more than a century.

The main reasons why acrylic has been so widespread in custom exhibits, cabinetry, countertop displays, and other retail fixtures is because of its versatility, resiliency and lightweight properties. Rubber compounds are added to acrylic to increase its strength so that it can support large or heavy objects.

Acrylic Display Cases Are Design Friendly

her advantages of acrylic include its transparency, its lightness compared to glass, and its flexibility. Acrylics are bent or molded into various shapes using heat or thermoformingDesigns can be replicated to accommodate multiple, standard-sized displays or units.

Acrylic, like all materials, is not a perfect material; Acrylic is not as scratch resistant as glass is for example.

To remedy the susceptibility to scratching, different coatings are sometimes applied to acrylic to provide a scratch resistance surface, and to guard against solar reflectivity and weathering. Acrylic can also be tinted or colored, mirrored or made opaque. If you wear eyeglasses you may very well be experienced with acrylic and the coatings that can protect it from scratches.

Acrylic Displays Offer Outstanding Visual Appeal

In addition to using acrylic as a stand-alone application to showcase commercial products, services and signage, acrylic fabrication accessories and attachments can be used to enhance any type of custom exhibit, retail kiosk, retail environment or presentation showroom.

The visual appeal of acrylic allows companies to promote the uniqueness of their brands in various design features, from shelves, display cases and backdrops to point of purchase displays, furniture and lighting fixtures.

When planning your next kiosk, custom trade show display, point of purchase stand, promotional accessories or boutique retail exhibit, consider the benefits of using acrylic to boost visual appeal and visitor engagement.

Display Case Specialists

Geron are specialist in the design, manufacture, logistics and assembly of custom displays for retail and commercial use. We are experts in many materials including acrylics. Here are more details on all our Retail Display Fixtures including some examples of our work for world-class international brands.

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