Affordable vs. Cheap Display Design

Notice we didn’t call them Cheap Presentations Centre, Cheap Trade Show Displays, or Cheap Retail Displays? They could no doubt attain that standard in terms of pricing and cost, however there is nothing “cheap” about them as they are still very premium quality. The kind of quality that world leading corporations and brands demand. Today all budgets are tight and that is when our engineering & design teams go to work cutting cost with value engineering that results in premium design at affordable cost. Every project we undertake whether an affordable presentation centre or inexpensive trade show display or booth receives all the resources of our design and engineering teams.

Value Engineering Can Still Look Premium

Let’s look at a condo presentation centre as an example. When designing and building a presentation/décor centre for a new development, we strive to deliver a showroom that looks premium and inviting. We can build an affordable presentation centre that looks very premium.

Our clients have a vision that we, at Geron, need to bring to life within a project’s budget.

Specific materials and finishes for the showroom are often dictated by the architectural designer. It is our responsibility, as a trusted partner, to provide recommendations for the most efficient and cost-effective way to build out the space.

At Geron, we practice value engineering with every project. We do this for all projects we work on whether it is a retail, trade show or presentation centre project.

We use a creative, team-based approach to hep generate the alternatives to the existing design. Our production team works closely with our engineering team from the development of the structural drawings to final stages of production of the project.

Value Engineering Delivers Affordable Presentation Centres,  Affordable Trade Show Displays,  & Affordable Retail Displays

One way to value engineer include substituting custom components, such as wood or metal.

A few examples are as follows:

  • replacing metal tubes with fabricated metal channels.
  • replacing wooden structure with a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) base.
  • choosing to paint wooden structures, rather than cladding with laminates.

The above solutions help bring the overall costs down, while still maintaining the quality and functionality of the displays.

Value engineering sometimes also means substituting long lead time materials with readily available solutions. In some cases, it is as simple as finding a different brand of the same material.

After all, our goal is to deliver a project on time and within budget. We have been doing this successfully for the last 60 years – our clients would be happy to attest to that!

We have the technical capabilities to bring value engineering to your organization’s projects, we can build affordable presentation centres and affordable trade show displays that offer a stunning premium presentation. Here are more details on some of our condo projects and environments including real examples of our work.

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