Winning Bricks & Mortar Strategies

Retailers have taken awhile to deal with the explosion of online sales and in fact have embraced online sales themselves as they integrate physical and digital channels. However, there is one very strong advantage that Bricks & Mortar retailers have always knows about but are now talking to new levels and that is the physical advantage of in-person contact with the customer. To take these bricks & mortar strategies to new levels, retailers of every stripe are really expanding the use and design of retail environments.

Eataly Invests Big In Their Canadian Strategy

Prior to opening their first Eataly location in Toronto, a massive 50,000 square foot retail environment was created to “do it right not fast”. They invested 3 years in creating the right retail experience for their newest location of restaurants and grocery markets that bring the experience of eating and buying fresh foods to a new level. When you go to the trouble of moving the office lobby of a major Canadian office tower and building a bridge to create the right environment for your customers you have a retail experience that is unprecedented in focus and purpose. You can read more about the retail experience and their bricks & mortar strategy in this article from The Globe & Mail.

Retail Environment Strategy At Canada Goose

Canada goose have been taking the term “retail environment” quite literally by building cold rooms in some of their larger stores so customers can test wearing their coats and parkas in very cold environments right down to minus 25 degrees Celsius. Their new store in Canada’s West Edmonton Mall has a large cold room that can match the temperature in the room to the rating of the garment for the ultimate customer retail environment experience. They even have a wind chill feature built into the room.

It is not inexpensive to create cold rooms that create below zero temperatures without damaging the rest of the store and bring the room to the desired testing temperatures. However, the increased sales results and customer feedback are driving Canada Goose to expand this bricks & mortar strategy. Read more about their latest cod store expansion here.

Leverage Retail Environments For Success

Your retail customer goals may not require you to move a major office tower lobby or build a sub-zero cold room, but Geron associates can certainly help you design, build and install a premium retail store environment within your bricks & mortar strategy hat will increase your sales and enhance your brand and customer experience.

Geron Associates are retail  environment design experts that have the technical capabilities to design & build every type of retail store fixture. Read about our Retail Display Services and abilities to design and leverage retail environments. For more articles about what we do and how our service impacts our customers investigate some topics in our blog.

Contact us to discuss how we may help your organization achieve its merchandising and display goals.

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