Condo Presentation Centres That Work

A Condo Presentation centre that is professionally designed will communicate the lifestyle offered by the condominium development. It will embrace community, neighbourhood, materials, aesthetics, function, and uniqueness to potential buyers that the brand has targeted as core to the development.

Providing Vision

Being able to understand and reflect these core brand assets and translate them into a stunning condo presentation centre is one of the specialties we offer clients at Geron Associates. Many condo buyers lack the internal vision to imagine and see what does not yet exist in the physical world. Showing them the completed vision in a presentation that includes both internal and external features and layouts brings your vision and brand to life.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then walking into a stunning furnished presentation suite that embraces all the senses is worth so much more.  Understanding the entire building design by seeing it in scale within the neighbourhood that words and pictures alone cannot achieve.

The Ultimate Selling Tool

Those are just some of the reasons that condo Presentation Centres are the go-to standard for selling out a condo development. They have long become a necessity rather than simply a sales and marketing asset.

The more upscale the project is the more demanding the buyers may become. This means it becomes even more important get all the details correct when designing and building your presentation centre for an informed and discerning client list.

Every design detail from materials to lighting can be critical in presenting your brand. Just building a staging environment will not do your project justice. You need to focus on the number one concern of any new condo buyer:  location and neighbourhood.

Proper Condo Presentation Centre Design

Proper design ensures that the condo buyer understands how square feet relate to real life livability. Communicating the real-life value that a slightly larger square footage may provide increased sales and ensures a happier customer. Understanding how the project complements the neighbourhood can be critical.

Almost every new condo buyer invests in upgrades, often adding as much as 4% to 12% of the condo value to the sale price. A properly designed condo presentation centre will showcase all the materials and upgrade options. The positive experience that seeing and touching materials and upgrades on sales cannot be overstated. Seeing and touching marble instead of composite has an effect that is overwhelmingly positive towards better materials that will encourage the customer decision to upgrade and ownership satisfaction when they do.

We have the technical capabilities to bring superior engineering and design skills to your organization’s Condo presentation centre projects, we can build affordable presentation centres that offer a stunning premium presentation. Here are more details on some of our condo projects and environments including real examples of our work.

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