Electronic  POP displays are a checkout line opportunity that has more room for effective growth than ever and one of the reasons could be technologies enhanced by Amazon of all organizations. Amazon have been investing massively in tracking technology and inventory management for a long time and developing warehousing systems that warehouse products near each other based on the likelihood of them being purchased together. This digital product tagging is evolving in bricks & mortar retail environments not just in the warehouse but in the checkout line. New digital POP displays can read product tags while customers stand inline and instantly display accessories and other complimentary items for sale that will go well with the customers current selections. This is just like what Amazon do when you are checking out online only in real time at your physical checkout counter.

Invest in Electronic POP Displays

Investing in upgraded digital POP displays allow opportunities like this to maximize sales that were just not feasible only 10 years ago. Retail stores that do not invest in today’s digital marketing technologies are losing valuable financial returns per square foot that they cannot afford to leave on the table.

Further incorporating Bluetooth technology into the same Digital POP system can provide the exact physical isle locations of the proposed products to the customer’s phone or mobile device will make adding those items to their purchase super easy for the customer.

This exact isle location service is very valuable to the customer experience. Some customers would rather give up searching for a product given today’s reduced staff in many retail stores and that means lost sales. Canadian Tire have increased their in store sales of items listed online by utilizing this technology. Searching for an item on the Canadian Tire website allows you to choose a store, search for a product, select the product  and be shown the inventory amount available at your preferred store, the price and picture of the item, and the exact isle location in that store. Now when the customer goes to the store they do not need isle assistance, they can go select the exact products they require because they know what they look like, that they are in stock and exactly where to find them.

Electronic POP Displays Are Versatile

Displaying points and deals available to loyalty program members is another effective opportunity for electronic POP displays that is underutilized. It can remind members of specials available only to them and if they have their membership app installed on their phone you can directly market to them while in-store, identify competitive products that may offer more points, or offer to apply existing points against a purchase.

Electronic POP displays when executed properly. can provide an entertaining and valuable experience to the customer while increasing sales and delivering key brand messages for the retailer.

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