Retail Display Fixtures

Retail display fixtures are a key component to your retail experience. Showcases support your brand and store design. From concept to installation, Geron has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to create your custom brand space.

Our creative team works closely with your brand image to exceed your goals, with concept development, drawings and production of the retail solution that will build brand awareness, enhance credibility, and increase your market share.

We work with retailers to provide custom counters, interactive displays, cabinetry, gondola shelving and signage. We provide a boutique atmosphere for the concept development and manufacturing of electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, cosmetics, fashion and consumables merchandising.

We are leading innovators in retail display design because we truly are huge fans of the retail industry, retail stores fixtures  as well as the technologies and creative design factors that produce display cabinets, and point of purchase displays, ( PPD’s ). Whether we are designing Point of Sales Systems for a national roll out, interactive displays for local retail mall or custom branded environments for a tier one global brand leader, the same dedicated team of creative designers, graphics artists, engineers, and designers are invested in your project. Display cases, shop in shops, these are the things we understand and excel in.

Retail Display Store Environments

Let’s talk about store environments. Most brands are aware how effective an experience a custom branded point of purchase display will create. Giving your brand the opportunity to separate from the pack at the moment of the customer buying decision is an advantage that cannot be overstated. When designed by a team of experts who understand your customers it is a huge advantage. It may be the next best thing to having your top sales rep and brand ambassador appear at the cash register to subconsciously reaffirm the customer’s correct buy choice or bring a last-minute thought of concern that there may be a better choice.

Retail Display Design Excellence

Perhaps your company is young with a few years and several million dollars invested in your brand. Alternatively, your organization may be a brand juggernaut with decades of time and billions of dollars invested in building a world-class brand. In either scenario, if you are not using your brand power at the point of sale then you are not utilizing one of your most powerful weapons to win the battle at the retail counter.

At Geron, we have invested our six decades of expertise and financial resources into the technology and people that can create the world’s most effective retail display tools.

We use CAD Tools, we develop detailed shop drawings, we have our own woodworking shop, graphics departments, paint shop, CNC equipment and of course assembly plant. We hire, train, and develop our own staff and develop our own processes to ensure perfection. We have full control and therefore full responsibility for what we create. When you want superior quality, creativity, and exceptional design, we deliver from concept to completion.

Retail Displays Should Tell a Story

Creative ideas come from within, involve passion and may be motivated by the obscure. But as successful story has another requirement, its execution must be detailed and well planned. Creativity may sometimes involve chaos; program execution never does.

When it comes to windows displays, a creative and imaginative display that is clean, inviting and exciting can result in a customer walking into your store who would not of otherwise. A visually creative display that has a cohesive theme can make all the difference.

A theme for your window display can avoid turning your window into looking like a hoarder’s paradise.

If you are promoting a Mother’s Day special, just loading up a store display window with everything possibly related to mom will create a confusing display that has no focus. However, a theme for mother’s day at the spa for instance, can bring focus to the entire display and provides a story with a message the customer understands. The theme manages the display and the message that a customer can respond to.

Some Of Our Retail Display Projects

POP Display Design

POP designs that that are designed to accommodate changes in graphics both often and easily is a feature that should be built into an effective Point of Purchase display design program. The in-store POP should be an exciting and effective call to action. If it is never updated and refreshed, it just becomes another standard fixture that customers are used to seeing. At Geron Associates we are experts at designing effect POP display programs that can be revitalized by changing graphics providing a revitalized sales experience to your customers.

Visual Merchandise Display

Strategic product location that maximizes customer visibility is highly sought after. Retail in-store marketing programs are more often than not dependent on prime visual display location. The ability to excel when provided prime in-store location such as eye level shelving or end of isle locations will be greatly enhanced by your product packaging and superior display design.

The advantage a retailer has over online sellers to offer a retail display experience with the ability to see, hear, touch or smell must be utilized. Presenting customers with a simple display that embraces your branding while allowing the customer to easily reach, touch, and interact with the products can be a very effective design. Visual Merchandising provides one of the largest influences to inspire and motivate customers to act, when combined with our design expertise it is also on of the most controllable tools you have to increase product sales and sales per square foot. Visually inspiring retail display fixtures can make all the difference.

When presented in an uncluttered and organized manner It is effective in Point of sale displays and freestanding merchandise displays aimed at your target customer.

Tying it all together

Cohesive planning and design that motivates and inspires the retail customer is what Geron does. We have the skills and expertise to bring your windows displays, point of sales displays, shelving design, merchandise displays and cases into a cohesive visual merchandising program that gets results.

This involves a combination of design and manufacturing skills that include wood, plastic, metal, paint as well as Graphics, CAD design and sophisticated manufacturing and assembly operation. Read more about our technical expertise and services.

We hope you will contact us to discuss your retail display fixtures requirements.

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