Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Successful organizations understand the opportunity that trades shows deliver to their sales and marketing effort and the value of investing in their trade show exhibits. Having a world-class trade show exhibit, whether it be an island exhibit, inline exhibit or rental exhibit can make a huge difference in your trade show success.

Think about it for a moment. You have a captive audience of professionals that are there because they are interested in the same services and products you supply. Your trade show display is the opportunity to project the professional image you have been working for. When the design is enticing and welcoming while being functional then you get the opportunity to talk about your product or service at a level of detail not available in any other way other than face to face.

The opportunity to present your brand to your target market is unprecedented, but it is also important that it be done well. First impressions are a one-time opportunity, if your presentation is substandard then your brand is damaged, if your presentation is superior, then you are off to an amazing start.

We are experienced experts at creating exhibits that are remembered for all the right reasons. We custom design all aspects of the exhibit to focus on the objective and purpose of the trade show or event that you are attending.

Leading new home builders, developers and advertising agencies across North America also depend on us to engineer, fabricate and install presentation and sales centres to effectively display residential home designs, and condominium residences.

Trade Show Exhibit Process

First our team will meet with your team to understand the objective and then plan, design, build and deliver your exhibit. Areas covered may include:

  • The objective of the exhibit
  • Branding for the exhibit
  • The type of space available
  • Level of support required during design and execution
  • Customer event message
  • Presentation tools selection
  • Design experience
  • Timing and scheduling
  • Integration with other media and technology partners
  • Local support planning

Once you have met with our team, your organization can focus on your customer objective. Everything related to the actual exhibit will be handled flawlessly by our team here at Geron Associates. We work with trade shows and exhibits around the world and understand event guidelines and can build anything that the trade show will allow.

Exhibit Design & Planning

We will work with your event team to understand the focus and intent of your trade show effort to ensure our designers present the best options. Even if your team already have an exact idea of what you want, we have no doubt that our very experienced design and planning team will be able to add real value to your plan.

We can work with any space that you have available to you at any event or trade show anywhere on the planet. Whether it is a small exhibit size of 8’ x 10’ or larger 40’ x 100’ size, we will plan, design, build, and deliver a superior experience for you and your target audience.

This isn’t the first step in your trade show event, but it is crucial step, each venue and event have their own rules and idiosyncrasies. If the drayage (freight fee’s) are really high, we may suggest using a back-lit fabric frame to reduce weight while maximizing visual opportunities.  There are many factors to consider in the design stage such as meeting spaces, hospitality, traffic flow, storage and of course the target audience.

You only have a few moments to capture the attention of the client walking by, we are experts at sight lines and making certain that your message to your prospective clients is clear.

Take a look at our extensive design, planning, distribution, manufacturing and technical skills that your teams will have full access to.

Island Exhibit  | Peninsula Exhibit | Rental Space Design

There are many types of trade show exhibits but the broad categories include inline, island, peninsula and special events such are festivals, pop ups, or community events.  We will help you decide the type and work with your budget to suggest options.

A popular option is the rental booth, Geron stocks extensive selections of rental structures with almost unlimited design options.  The rental exhibit option saves on the initial build cost while helping minimize the complexity of the set up.  The rental exhibit option includes fully customizable graphics and colour options.

Larger exhibits such as a peninsula exhibits or island exhibits, and the more complex multi-level exhibits require more attention which Geron understands.

These large footprint exhibits require 360 degree planning so that they impress from every access point. Traffic within the exhibit should flow in a manner that maximizes your team contact points to engage the customers while the design and visuals build your brand. We are experts at designing trade show exhibits that maximize customer contact while still handling high traffic flow.

Exhibit Manufacturing Facilities

Geron have the facilities to offer you the options you need for a rental or custom exhibit space. 

We offer:

  • design with our in-house talented and experienced detailers and installers
  • manufacturing in our busy manufacturing plant which we encourage you to visit to see what options are available in the trade show world
  • we have in house graphic design and production facilities
  • our manufacturing facilities include a full woodworking shop with experience with plastics, metal, dye sublimated printing, LED lighting options, CNC production, an in-house paint department and full-time installation staff
  • Our team members take great pride in your success, we aren’t just suppliers, we are your partners looking forward to a successful future working relationship.
  • Many of our staff have been with us for over 20 years with some reaching 50 years with Geron. We are experienced and know how to help you reach your objectives.

Have Your Best Staff Attend

If you have invested in a quality island or peninsula exhibit, ensure that your best staff are attending and that they are at the best contact points for traffic flow ensuring interested customers are engaged.

Key individuals attending should include high performers from your sales, marketing and executive team. They should be in sync with the message and the focus of the show and be familiar with your exhibit’s capabilities and all its technology access points.

Exhibit Distribution & Setup

We warehouse, ship and setup to any show anyplace in the world. Many of the shows we do are in North America, but we have also handled complete exhibit logistics and setup in other parts of the world such as in Dubai.

We warehouse most of our client’s trade show displays unless it is a one show exhibit or a rental exhibit. In terms of size, we will work with whatever we are asked to work with and deliver a superior exhibit experience for both you and your target customers.

In terms of services local to the trade show we fully manage warehousing, I&D, coordination of the site services, booking, electrical, internet, rental furniture, AV, media, return trucking and all other incidentals that ensure that your staff can focus 100% on the business of dealing with your target audience.

Exhibit Storage

Geron are experts at keeping your assets safe, we custom build shipping crates to get your materials safely to the exhibit space and to store them safely during the off season.  We offer exhibit storage facilities at very good rates for large and small displays.

Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibit Fresh

Nothing human made stays new for very long. With technology moving as fast as it does, whatever was planned, designed, and built 3 years ago may need a refresh today.  Your trade show booth, island exhibit or peninsula exhibit may need a refresh to deliver a modified message, update the branding, refine the focus, or a simple repair and overhaul.

Adding new features and capabilities to a great display ensures it remains a great display and keeps the message up to date.

Improving the base features, AV features, lighting design and display graphics brings new life to a high-performance island exhibit and maximizes the ROI on your trade show exhibit for several more years.

Replacing and repairing worn or outdated components will maintain a fresh presentation. The last thing you want to do is have your brand look beaten or worn down. Maintaining a clean and well-maintained exhibit display protects your brand.

Each time your trade show exhibit is going to be sent to a venue we will set it up in our facility to inspect it for any required work and to confirm that marketing messages are current.

We hope you will contact us to find out more regarding our custom exhibit services.

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