In-Store Brand Experience Depends On Partnership

The in-store brand experience depends on the symbiotic relationship between the brand and the retailer. Whether it be consumer packaged goods, white goods or apparel, both the brand and the retailer must be in sync to achieve a successful customer experience that meets both parties’ goals.

If the brand and retailer are not in sync success at the bricks & mortar retail level is more difficult to achieve.

One of the many advantages of working with Geron Associates for retail design for kiosks, retail displays retail store environments and even sampling stations is that we understand the relationship between brand and retailer.

We Have Proven Expertise

We are uniquely able to incorporate a company’s brand experience into the retail design that also meets all of the retailers merchandising goals. Whether it be the use of quality materials and colours that properly represent the brand or the retailer’s in-store utilization of space and customer paths and sight lines, Geron Associates is able to maximize that partnership through superior design.

Certain industries, such as the liquor & wine industry, have been very successful at mastering the in-store brand experience to increases sales and launch new products.  However, now major packaged foods companies in all categories are benefiting from the power of their brands through brand experience design.

As the online grocery market starts to grow faster, major CPG companies are also paying more attention to the in-store experience. Companies such as Coca-Cola are now investing heavily in their in-store retail experience world-wide. This may not be a factor for food products that are not in categories that are conducive to brand experience however, even this category of products must ensure their brands are reflective of the entire retail experience being presented.

As more and more grocers have embraced more sophisticated sampling stations to deliver a more complete brand experience with their sampling products, some grocery retailers are moving to entire in-store eateries where the full experience can be enjoyed. Two examples are what Eataly are doing in Toronto and  what T&T are doing in Vancouver.

Taking The Brand Experience To The Next Level

In some cases luxury brands are taking the next step in brand experience  by making the experience itself one of their products. In Europe, Gucci have redefined their store as an experience itself by making one section of the store, the upper level, a museum of Gucci products with restaurant that customers must pay to enter. While this seems entirely new, it is not. In 1995 Bata Shoes opened the paid admission only Bata Shoe Museum in downtown Toronto and it is still going strong today.

Brand experience, retail experience and the entire customer experience have always been important to retail success. Today we have better data to make better design decisions to fine tune that experience. That is what we do at Geron Associates.

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