Luxury Retail Design for Millennials & Gen Z Is a Multi Channel Affair

Luxury fashion and luxury brands in general are being strongly embraced by both Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Their pursuit of a premium brand experience in both bricks & mortar and digital channels is driving luxury brand companies to modify the luxury brand experience and message to accommodate all sales channels. Some brands are better at engaging with customers and adapting to additional channels and others not so much. When it comes to luxury retail design for Millennials & Gen Z organizations must think differently from how they satisfied Baby Boomers. This is evident with how brands are reaching out to both Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Some luxury brands are hitting home runs in social marketing and duplicating that success in their updated bricks and mortar experience and presentations. Gucci and Louis Vuitton seems to be embracing these changes aggressively as is client Michael Kors which recently bought Versace.

Millennial and Gen Z consumers demand luxury brands meet their expectations not just in product and service but in sales and support channels as well. They expect to be able to research your products and to also obtain service & support for those products online and in your retail store physical channel as well. In short, they want a consistent multi channel relationship with their luxury brands and they want support to maintain the brand experience from all channels, no matter which channel they initiated contact through.

They want to be able to buy in store, arrange for service online, or buy online and pickup in store with no perceptible difference between switching channels or in how the customer experience is handled. Both the brand message and the brand experience must be cohesive.

Millennials & Gen Z Expectations

Millennials & Gen Z consumers expect the brand message whether in store, on the internet, in mobile apps, all media advertising, trades show presentations and pop up stores to be consistent. Geron Associates are specialist in luxury retail design in all areas of the retail experience including retail environments, store fixtures, pop up stores and trade show exhibits. Our luxury retail design expertise will ensure your brand message is consistent no matter where your customers meet you whether at a pop-up store during a seasonal event, your bricks and mortar locations or the largest trades shows you may attend anywhere in the world.

Consistent Luxury Retail Design & Brand Experience

If you are partnering with one company for your trade show exhibit design and another for your retail environments and yet another for your display fixtures it is more difficult to ensure the design language across all those customer settings share the same DNA.

One of the reasons we at Geron associates embrace all these design categories is that we have the manufacturing expertise and world-wide logistics support to do so. We can deliver the same design DNA within your brand message everywhere you contact customers which is exactly what is required for successful Luxury Retail Design for Millennials & Gen Z consumers today. We do exactly that with many of the world’s leading luxury brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Kenneth Cole, Godiva, and Michael Kors to name a few.

Geron Associates specializes in retail environment design as well as retail display fixtures, and trade booth & exhibit design. Read about our capabilities including worldwide logistics services. For more articles about what we do and how our service impacts our customers investigate some topics in our blog.

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