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Exhibitions are big business and it’s booming world-wide. The reason is simple, they produce huge sales numbers! In 2018 the annual business sales carried out by attendee companies was US $325 Billion according to Oxford Economics. Think about that number when you are planning your next exhibit or trade booth design. Are your current trade booths delivering the slice of this pie that your organization warrants?

With over 32,000 exhibits carried out worldwide each year and serving over 300 million visitors, the market potential for your products or services is only limited by the effort and design presentation your organization puts into your trade booth at the shows you attend.

Step Up Your Exhibit Game With a Geron Trade Booth

With European trade shows serving 112 million visitors and North America handling another 92 million the exposure and potential for success is important to any organization in any industry. Exhibitions and Trade Shows in North America alone have produced US $92 billion in GPD in 2018. Trade booths last year have averaged $870 per square foot of venue gross indoor exhibition space.This offers a tremendous opportunity to expand sales and develop clients. These same fact make evident how important that creativity, design and execution of your trade show booth is to your sales team.

The 2018 Global Exhibitions Day had 85 countries participate. GED 2019 will be even larger this June. This dynamic growth is because exhibitions and trade shows are becoming one of the largest business platforms on the planet. With 85 active countries there is opportunity for your business to grow existing markets and develop new markets making your exhibition display investment incredibly versatile.

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The competition is very strong for those dollars and customers and that is where Geron can help. As a world-class designer & manufacturer of trade show booths and exhibition displays we have the ability to take your organization to the next level just as we have for all our clients, many of whom are some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Getting Your Trade Booth There Is Half OUR Fun

Well, it is for us anyhow. All you need is your sales team; we take care of the rest. Shipping your exhibit or trade booth from show to show, setting it up at the shows, arranging for local services such as internet, power, communications, video & media access, storage, transportation can all be included in our design package.

We will work with your marketing team to design and build the ultimate display, and then take care of all the above logistics. We even pre-assemble the display in our storage location before shows to ensure that there are no maintenance issues. Your sales & marketing team show up as the show ready to sell because Geron has taken care of everything else.

To learn more about how we can help you increase sales and develop customers at any trade show or exhibit in the world call: 905-470-0205 or contact us today.

Here is what we actually do for you and your trade show team. Read more about all our Exhibit & Trade Show Services and view some examples of our work for world-class international brands.

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