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POP Displays Are Not All Created Equal

In any retail setting, unique and eye-catching Point of Purchase Displays, or POP displays for short, are what set it apart from a sea of mediocre designs, making the product stand out, and leading to a successful consumer purchase end goal. Effective P.O.P. displays require thought, planning and design expertise to make the correct choices for your products. There are many factors that impact the success of failure of a POP, here is a list of some of those factors for your team to consider.

Point of Purchase Factor: Colour

Choose eye-catching colours and designs that suit your products’ unique offerings. But take care to be consistent with your brand’s tone and feel. While bold, loud colours work well for toys and confectionary, they don’t translate as well in jewellery or boutique retail settings. Using state of the art printing technology, Geron produces vibrant custom graphics so our POP displays stands out.

POP Retail Displays Factor: Footprint

While large POP displays are obviously more visible, even a small counter display or freestanding  POP positioned in the right spot makes all the difference. Geron specializes in designing and developing custom displays for a variety of areas in a retail environment: from freestanding Gondolas and custom counter cosmetic displays to commercial fridge door wire displays.

POP Display Factor: Messaging

Well designed POP displays send your message across to your target consumer in seconds. Seasonal or themed messaging (i.e. Valentine’s day specials, Spring sale, etc.) provide a base call out to celebrate when done correctly.

POP Factor: Quality

Nothing sends the wrong message like a cheap display that is falling apart on the retail floor. Ensure that your display is produced properly and can withstand high traffic environments and last as long as your promotional event. Geron has the experience fabricating displays using a variety of materials from metal and wire to plastics and custom millwork. We’ll work with you to develop the best material that is cost effective for your specific need. The quality of your POP displays can directly affect the perceived value and quality of your products.

How We Address P.O.P. Effectiveness Factors

When it comes to retail point of purchases displays, we are very serious about the quality of design, materials, and assembly. Our in-house Graphics Designers are experts who understand colour, design and creative concept. We build and design all our POP displays using state of the art equipment and tools from CAD design to millwork and paint finishing and assembly.  Our Project Management Team and Logistics Team ensure timely delivery while our vaunted QA Department ensure you will be proud of how your products are represented when displayed in a Geron POP.

Review our technical capabilities to understand why our pop displays are so successful. Here are more details on all our Retail Display Fixtures including some examples of our work for world-class international brands.

Geron Associates are experts in the design, manufacture, assembly, logistics, and project management of state of the retail POP displays worldwide, discover more about us.


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