Pop-Up Stores Help Drive Retail Success

Pop-up store are not exactly new, however what is new and very profitable, are the world’s leading retailers taking the pop-up store, or flash store as some refer to them as, to a whole new level.

With pop-up retail shops being appearing for special events as well as seasonal pop up stores, they may be around in the same location for as little as 3 days to as long as 3 months.

Today’s Pop-Up Store Revolution

What is differentiating today’s pop-up stores is that every major retailer, including the online giants such as Amazon, Target are investing in them. Heck, even Facebook is utilizing pop-up stores. This of course is leading to more significant design advancements to the point that today‚Äôs pop-up store is a very sophisticated design that embraces your brand identity while providing sophisticated traffic flow management in a small mobile space that is highly tuned for the exact market, purpose, location and event being targeted.

Our unique pop-up store designs with modular features allow retailers to target each event and location perfectly with maximum impact including easy installation and take down. These mobile stores are perfect for temporary seasonal space, long weekend events, fairs, conventions, shows, festivals and a wide range of neighbourhood events.

Usually situated in high foot traffic locations and events, pop-up stores require expertise and design planning that manages traffic flow, engages customers, while attracting new customers.

Work With Our Team

Our designers at Geron work with your sales and merchandising teams to design and build a pop-up store design with an exciting presentation to compliment whichever exciting event or season you are targeting.

Whether you are trying to move excess inventory or launching a new product, pop-up stores bring your brand and products to new locations at low costs and are used over and over again for an extremely attractive ROI.

Short term space with long term re-usability is a definite retail trend and powerful tool used by today’s successful retailers. At roughly 25% of the cost of typical retail space, many of the largest retailers have a never-ending parade of pop stores scheduled coast to coast. Millennials particularly enjoy the pop-up experience as it is often customized to the event that they are attending or targeting them via social media. Having a pop-up store that is homed in on your audience can make all the difference in your popup store success. Presenting products that your target market does not usually get to touch and feel in an opportunity that should be finely tuned.

Move Inventory & Reach New Customers

This past Christmas the BT21 pop-up store in Scarborough Ontario sold out in 2 days. The interesting thing about this retail pop up store experience is that it is not unusual.

Today many startup companies have been using pop up stores to identify locations for establishing their permanent stores as well as identifying the most effective partners for permanent store-in-store partnerships. Larger retailers are extremely active in pop up stores product launches in partnership with various social media companies.

Geron Associates are retail design experts that have the technical capabilities to bring real value to your merchandising, sales, and marketing teams. Here are more details on all our Retail Display Services including some examples of our work for world-class international brands.

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