POS Digital Signage & The Cloud

The integration of bricks-and-mortar POS, logistics, and online ecommerce stores is something that I alluded to in other articles, but this time we will focus on it. POS digital signage, the cloud, real time pricing. It’s all here now or just around the corner and affects how you sell.

Most retailers already have a logistics operation. Large and tier one retailers have extremely sophisticated logistics operations. Amazon is one of the few online companies with an advanced logistics operation and it is one of the world’s largest. Shopify is now building a new logistics system, but the big difference is that they are integrating it into POS system for their existing 100,000 physical retail partners stores as their partners invest in Bricks and Mortar.

The integration of bricks & mortar stores with online stores provides retailers with the best opportunities for success. Intel is investing billions in this technology as these channels merge. Costs are reduced as systems, especially POS and logistics systems move to the cloud capable of serving both physical and online channels. Automated updates, consistent brand message, accurate stock reporting and real-time pricing to all channels are then possible.

While Amazon has been investing heavily in physical POP up stores, the company that is leading the way is Shopify with thousands of brick-and-mortar partners.

Real Time Pricing From The Cloud

Recently Gartner has predicted that within the next 60 months the top 10 global retailers will all have made the move to real time pricing with, mobile apps adjusting prices in-store at the POS.

Integrating this technology with inventory management, merchandising and marketing leverages the digital signage POS into a real time customer marketing tool with data that has never existed before. In-store digital signage will be the medium that provides this information to your customer and your store management teams.

Retailers that have invested in online sales have discovered that at least 50% of their online sales has been supported by their B&M stores. Currently, Shopify claim that over 100,000 of their 820,000 merchants have established bricks-and-mortar retail outlets. There are more opening every day as these two sales channels merge.

Digital Signage Retail Display Systems

As retail and online channels merge cloud systems will coordinate brand, inventory, pricing and promotion information making digital signage retail display systems one of the most current and relevant sources of pricing and product information to customers. Simultaneously these systems become the retailer’s most dynamic collector of both customer and store sales information.

As brands continue to merge their own digital and physical channels into a single platform like minded retailers will build digital signage into retail display systems that reflect merchandising strategies and pricing on a brand by brand basis in real time.

With features such as click & collect, unified channel registration, endless aisle; and customer returns, the data unification of your channels benefits your customers while building stronger relationships with them.

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