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Online stores have been making huge impacts on the retail sector for years now and are growing stronger as some bricks & mortar retailers fail to step up to the challenge. Some formerly very successful retailers such as Sears, Payless, Gymboree, Samuels Jewelers, Rockport, Toys “R” Us, and many others have failed to respond and utilize the advantages they do have.  If you are in the retail business you know how big the list is, and how much bigger it may become. But you also should know that the Dollar Store in Canada is dong very well and Dollar General in the US, and so is Walmart, Five Below, Tiffany & Co, Lululemon, Best Buy, Apple, and many others. Retail display design is one of the keys to bricks & mortar success.

You’ll notice those doing well are quite a mix: clothes, electronics, general merchandise, inexpensive products, very expensive products, you name it and some retailers are making their physical locations work. They all have one thing in common: They know their customer and use store display design to motivate that customer. In short, they motivate customers to want to spend time in the store.

The advantages that physical retail locations have is the ability to allow the customer to touch, feel, and interact with the products which in turn enables the retailer to directly interact with the customer. This is where retail display design, combining design with function, adds a real advantage in retail success.

Understanding Customers

Each of the successful retailers mentioned above understand their customers and know how their customer wants to interact with their wares. They understand why the customer is in the store. With the help of our professional retail design team we can bring our understanding of display design together with your understanding of your customer to create an environment that maximizes your advantages.

If a bricks & mortar store does understand product selection, inventory management and customer expectations it can effectively compete with online businesses such as Amazon. When a retailer possesses those skills and then adds that data to superior in-store retail display design, your physical location advantages are maximized.

Successful Retail Display Design

Apple is the most profitable computer, phone, and services company in the world. They sell a lot of product online. All their products are made to be used online and are probably the very devices that are ordering so much stuff from Amazon. But they also have a lot of retail stores, and all their stores are jam packed with customers. Apple continue to build and open new stores all the time, and each new store is getting bigger and bigger.

Apple stores are successful because they know the customer values the design of their product and want to see, touch and feel those products. Their retail display design encourages customers to do exactly that. They understand the advantages of in person presentation. Their retail display design presents all their products in a manner that makes it a natural experience for the customer. I can think of no better example of successful retail design than a bricks & mortar store that is thriving selling products aimed at going online.

This weekend I am taking my 11-year-old daughter to an Apple store to replace her iPad. The current one was purchased online. We must go out of the way to the Apple store to do it in person and we know the store will be a crowded and we will have to wait in line. But the excitement of seeing all the Apple products and touching and feeling them directly and receiving the box and bag in hand is an experience that my daughter wants. I asked her if she would prefer to go and she jumped at it, it is better than going to a movie from her point of view. That is a retail design experience aimed at customers that works.

Avoid being listed on the Death By Amazon list, invest in your retail display design advantage now. We are able to partner with you to leverage your customer knowledge into a retail display design that will help your customers feel like they need to be in your store.

We have the technical capabilities to bring real value to your merchandising, sales, and marketing teams. Here are more details on all our Retail Display Fixtures including some examples of our work for world-class international brands.

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