Many of our retail clients are seeking partners who have more than just creative skills but who are also experts at design as well as retail display manufacturing.

Tea Forte Floor Stands

A key concern of this client was a partner that could supply design, quality renderings, detailed shop drawings and manufacture and install the displays. This requirement for expertise in both retail display manufacturing and services is not unusual amongst our client base.

Protecting Brand Quality Is Important

A key component of the brand is the unique packaging and quality of detail in the graphics and finished of the product.  The retail displays had to reflect and enhance the brands image while maximizing the product stocking capabilities.

Flexible Design & Retail Display Services

With the modular design of the portable display fixtures they could be used in many special events and have flexible configurations.  With the niche market that the product offering served it was important that flexibility be part of the marketing offering.  With this configuration the displays could be used as both permanent displays and temporary displays or to create a shop in shop space with little lead time required. Our approach to design ensures that our retail display services, which include logistics and installation, is both efficient and cost effectively.

Materials Used For Retail Display Manufacturing

The displays included video screens for looped messages that play a crucial role in telling the story of the brand.

The materials utilized were a very durable mix of glass, steel and plywood covered in laminate.  The metal was powder coated in a custom color. High quality materials mixed with the latest video technologies make a great foundation.

Design Collaboration With Tea Forte

The design was an extensive collaborative process with multiple concepts originally being presented and the final design being an amalgamation of concepts.  A photo quality color rendering was produced based on this concept for the approval process which involved the key players who were the brand managers and retail buyers.

In House Graphics Services

A key consideration was the graphics being visible and reflecting the exact color and quality of the packaging.  Geron was able to offer graphic layouts with our inhouse graphics services which were used for this project and subsequent projects both in renderings and actual production files. Having an experienced inhouse graphics services department helped ensure that our retail display manufacturing team got everything right the first time.

Retail Display Services & Design Excellence.

The design of the displays was so well received they were used for retail displays, trade show events and special events such as pop up store and kiosks in events where sales were allowed.

This branded environment space allowed Tea Forte to promote its wide product offerings while focusing on the brand image that is so important to the premium image of the brand.

We offer all our clients full access to our state of the art creative & design teams coupled with world-class retail display manufacturing and logistics Services.

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