What Is An Environment?

The first point we should discuss is what is an environment in our context.  We deal in the world of retail environments and presentation centres which is a major factor that influences how your brand is perceived.  Because Geron specializes in trade shows, retail spaces and point of purchase displays which are also types of environments we have to narrow our focus even more. For our discussion of environments then we will be focusing on retail environments as well as presentation environments, condo presentation centres and demonstration centres.

It’s one thing to design a superior product. Yet equally important is designing a influential retail atmosphere that will best showcase your products, and maximize your sales. At Geron, we work with many leading retailers in creating both full-scale stores and turnkey retail displays that motivate customers to buy.

Leading new home builders, developers and advertising agencies across North America also depend on us to engineer, fabricate and install presentation and sales centres to effectively display residential home designs, and condominium residences.

We focus on two main types of environment design.

Retail Environments

We specialize in both retail  environments and product presentation environments.  In retail we concentrate on your branded environment message regardless if they are shoes, hardware or a pop up shop for the latest in wireless tech. Pop up stores are seeing tremendous growth because they work. Even online king Amazon can’t resist the opportunities presented within a retail environment of a professionally designed pop up store, especially for speciality and holiday events.

Product Presentation Environments / Condo Presentation Centres

Product presentation can include services such as a condo presentation centre or a demonstration centre for your newest products. No serious condominium project should be launched today without a state-of-the-art condo presentation centre. It is almost impossible to have a succus condo launch prior to construction without having a high-quality model to show potential buyers. A properly designed condo presentation center will allow potential buyers to feel like they are entering their new home, allow then the feeling of where they are geographically and what they can expect to see in their neighbourhood. It allows the sales team to close sales based on a customer’s clearer vision of what will be.

Presentation Environments Are One Of Our Specialties

Our specialties include showrooms, kiosks, store in store, boutique retail environments and presentation centres.  We can work with a single location or a rollout that involves many locations at the same time such as franchises or a display fixture program that can be adapted to different layouts.

We have shown many times that the atmosphere created by your environment design will sell more product but that is only a portion of a well-designed space.  A customer will feel welcome and want to come back creating brand loyalty, even more sales and references to other clientele.  It is very important that you know your target market so that they feel welcome and involved and they will stay longer.  In short you want to sell the experience of your offering versus simply promoting a product.

You have to prepare for different experiences for the client that is coming to your space, clientele now have the opportunity to research your product and your competitor’s product. Some clientele will simply want to touch and talk about your offerings, but the physical environment allows a chance to close the sale. This is one of the reasons a product presentation centre is so successful.

What is involved in Environmental Design

Environmental design is the discipline of creating a retail environment or presentation environment that involves many skills such as architecture, retail space, urban planning, interior design and lighting.  The environmental design specialist has to be well versed in materials, colour selections, research, analysis, digital design and be a master of the presentation to show their ideas into understandable plans and renderings.

Presentation Environment Design Services

Geron has built their team to incorporate these skills and are well versed in the need to respect timelines and budgets.   We work with many of the premier designers and architects in the world to bring their concepts to fruition. 

Geron has a team of designers and detailers who work with the most current CAD detailing programs.  We also have a graphics team who work with and output your images as an integral part of your program.  As part of our services we review and suggest materials best suited to the project. Read more about our technical expertise and services.

Geron has a great deal of experience working with trades and produce files to coordinate lighting/electrical and other trades. 

Files we produce also include guidelines for multiple vendors in one space to work with.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your retail environment or condo presentation centre needs.

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