Retail Environments Design Is Adapting

Bricks & mortar retail stores are shrinking footprints and therefore concentrating on maximizing floor space and embracing portability and adjustability. This is, of course, is being reflected in retail environments design adaptation and in fact, all retail fixture design. The flexibility to adapt and be portable is one of the evolutions retail merchandising design is undergoing.

With retail displays now having a requirement for flexible design and adaptability one of the most important design parameters becomes durability and material choice in order to accommodate repeated physical change.

Brand Marketing & Store Fixtures

The merging of retail environments design and brand marketing with digital technologies means that store fixtures must also be capable of a faster refresh and quicker redesign cycles to maintain harmony with the brand message. Changing space allocations and continually updated brand messaging means design goals now focus on appropriate solutions designed into the fixture from the start.

The implementation of new technologies into retail environments helps greatly with the ability to digitally update the brand message while also having a large impact on the environment design itself. Integrating technology into major store fixtures such as branded retail environments is not just about today it must be designed to accommodate tomorrow’s technology updates.

By anticipating trends and leading in retail environment design technologies, Geron can deliver custom retail environments that provide long term upgradability. This is not limited to just brand messaging and flexible design but in the ability to integrate new technologies as they become available. Everything from digital signage to wireless charging will continue to expand and develop new capabilities and we will be right there with you every step of the way.

Retail Environments Design & Logistics

A major Geron asset is not just our skills in advanced retail environments design but the expertise and logistics capabilities to deliver and install these advanced retail environments worldwide. We provide a unified team turnkey solution to design, build, deliver and install retail environments anywhere in the world and all to the same standard as we initially designed.  Rolling out a country wide retail environment with consistent quality to all locations no matter where they are is not a promise many of our competitors can make.

As well as a uniform roll out, we can also provide a complete management program to upgrade, refresh, schedule and modify design and brand messaging changes while taking full responsibility for the design, manufacture, logistic, installation and operational verification for any of your retail environment programs world-wide. We can even provide the logistics, installation and verification of other environments that we did not design or build for you.

Ongoing maintenance programs that include retrofitting of new technologies, reallocation of floor space, store expansion, store relocations are available to all our clients to ensure the continued highest performance and support of our retail environments in the industry.

Geron Associates are retail  environment design experts that have the technical capabilities to design & build every type of retail store fixture that exists. Read about our Retail Display Services including some examples of our work for world-class international brands. For more articles about what we do and how our service impacts our customers investigate some topics in our blog.

Contact us to discuss how we may help your organization achieve its merchandising and display goals.

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