Sampling Stations Are Becoming More Sophisticated

In-store sampling of products with the use of retail sampling stations has been a proven technique for increasing sales and launching new brands, especially food and beverages, for a long time. While mankind have engaged in sampling their wares since the dawn of time, large retailers have in the past decade paid more attention to this merchandising tool. Organizations such as Costco and the liquor industry have been at the forefront. PepsiCo used a version of it extensively in blind taste tests as every fair or event you can imagine years ago.

Sampling station

Johnnie Walker Blue at LAX

Premium Brands

It is especially effective for premium branded products when you can demonstrate to shoppers the benefits of a premium brand and experience firsthand. It has proven so popular and successful for premium liquors that most US state liquor control boards have changed the rules to allow liquor taste sampling and all Canadian liquor boards are actively promoting liquor tasting events.

It is a natural match for new products such as premium chocolate and premium liquors that may otherwise have a difficult time reaching new consumers. Numerous studies have reported that consumer feel an obligation to buy the product once sampled. Some insight to the psychology behind sampling can be found in this downloadable paper on In-store sampling and impulsive buying behavior by the International Journal of Applied Research.

Food Sampling Stations

Costco is the best-known organization for deploying food sampling stations, however the T&T Supermarkets division of Loblaws is taking it to a new level now often having 3 to 6 sampling stations ongoing in their stores at any one time this past year. In some of their newer “Grocerants” you can sample the product and then go eat your fill right there in the supermarket.

retail sampling station

Perrier sampling station

As bricks and mortar retailers seek to expand their relationships with customers by engaging in person. One method is to provide a customer with a sample brand experience in an environment and setting that reflects the brand and enhances the experience. Some of the most successful retailers and brands on the planet are currently taking advantage of this direct contact opportunity by revitalized their retail sampling station program to maximizes their effectiveness.

As these premium brands have scaled up their merchandising programs more sophisticated sampling station design has become critical to success. Sightlines and signage are very important as design language and materials that support the brand statement.

Specialists in Retail Sampling Station Design

Geron Associates are experts at integrating brand design into all our retail sampling stations as well as more traditional kiosk products. Our success in designing, building and delivering retail sampling stations worldwide include many tier one premium brands in a wide range of industries including chocolate, liquor, electronics, and even Perrier.

We possess  advanced technical capabilities to design & build every type of  sampling station, kiosk or retail display imaginable. Read about our Retail Display Services including some examples of our work for world-class international brands.

For more articles about what we do and how our service impacts our customers investigate some topics in our blog.

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