Three Categories Of Retail Displays

For over 60 years, Geron has recognized as the premier creator of three distinct types of retail merchandising displays: shop-in-shop, branded kiosks and permanent brand displays.

Each category caters to a different segment of retailing and requires specialized skills to achieve marketing objectives. Whichever the category, the overarching goal of any retail marketing project is to create a powerful first impression and to differentiate the customer’s brand from the competition’s. Since a brand only has only a small window of opportunity to make a great first impression, that impression must be delivered with maximum impact within a few seconds.

Here is a breakdown of these three distinct merchandising displays:

Retail Shop-In-Shop Merchandise Displays

The retail shop-in-shop merchandise displays category allows companies to showcase their products and services within an existing retail store/outlet. For instance, many large retail stores accommodate beauty and fragrance displays from different companies, and each of these companies’ displays feature branding elements relevant to that particular brand. In many cases, these shop-in-shop merchandise displays will even have their own staff, who possess specialized skills and knowledge relevant to their respective brands. Brands that showcase their products with shop-in-shop displays enjoy a high level of brand awareness (and engagement) among both existing and potential customers.

Retail Branded Kiosks Displays

Branded Kiosks refers to a free-standing, semi-permanent display that is used in high-traffic areas, such as shopping malls (hallways) and retail stores. Varieties of branded kiosks include ‘sampling’ kiosks, ‘functional sales’ kiosks and ‘special event’ branded kiosks. Sampling kiosks allow passersby to sample new products and are usually manned by one or two individuals who field enquires and answer questions. Functional sales kiosks serve to generate sales (or sales leads) for a specific product or service. Special event branded kiosks allow companies to promote a specific event, such as the launch of a new product or to promote or a special occasion.

Retail Permanent Brand Displays

The permanent brand displays category refers to customized, highly-visible displays that are installed inside a retail store or environment. It could be a flooring company showcasing its products with an interactive display or a telecommunications company using stand-alone displays to feature their selection of mobile phones and accessories. For a larger brand with multiple retail locations, the company may want identical permanent brand displays featured in all of its stores, for consistency of message and branding purposes. These permanent, in-store displays or fixtures can tell the story of a brand using a variety of creative forms, including large-format digital, audio visual presentations, unique materials and unique graphic design elements.

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