Small Footprint Retail Stores Are A Thing for 2020

As many of the world leading retailers launch new smaller footprint retail stores, store fixture display design becomes more important than ever. Having to do more within a smaller space is a challenge that Geron Associates have been providing solutions to for years. Shrinking retail space has been happening for several years and will continue to be a strong tool for retailers in 2020

The overall retail footprint has been shrinking for some time now. Retailers such as Target’s new City Stores are smaller now ranging in the 15,000 to 40,000 square foot size versus the more traditional 150,000+ square foot space of their large stores.

IKEA has also built smaller retail spaces as well by creating small footprint urban planning studios with showroom displays.

Walmart Is Making Big Changes By Going Smaller

Walmart has added many smaller gas station/convenience stores that utilize state of the art POS retail displays and digital signage. They have big plans for this smaller retail footprint store design. They recently launching their AI managed store of the future in their Walmart Neighbourhood market in New York State, it is called Store Number 8.

Amazon Switch to Small Footprint Retail Stores

Amazon decided to close all 87 or their pop-up stores recently and are quickly moving forward with their new Amazon Go small footprint retail convenience stores.  Built for large city center environments, these small footprint retail stores feature AI driven advanced no-checkout systems. Utilizing user friendly retail displays for easy access to all products they can integrate sales and product aisle information directly with customers mobile devices. Their merchandising displays are aware customers are in the store, what they are looking at and can direct them to any other products they may be looking for.

Bricks & Mortar: Locations Location

Everyone from the largest bricks & mortar retailers such as Walmart and Target to online sales titans like Amazon, understand the unmatched experience that bricks & mortar can provide. Convenient location, targeted presentation, and manageable size is a combination that can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Finding the right mix of location, store size, and product mix has always been one of the more demanding tasks for all successful retailers. Designing, building and delivering advanced retail display products and retail environments to the retail industry has always been our focus at Geron Associates.

Artificial Intelligence And Your Smaller Retail Footprint

Retailers will increasingly depend on AI to automate much of their operations and control information flow. Even small retailers can now afford new AI tools to accomplish this. AI powered assistants are now available to help small retailers help manager inventory, analyze sales, spot trends, and recommend product mixes. Having an AI assistant supply real time information can help you maximize stores by neighbourhood trends, adjust product allocation to each store, and maximize sales per square foot in all your locations.

Adding AI to the mix of retail store tools means integrating it with state-of-the-art POS, digital signage and proven retail merchandising display design to make it all work is more important that ever. Shrinking retail space requires more focus and better data to attain sales growth.  Real time information access directly from the store floor is a new weapon retailers of all sizes now have available to them.

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