Types of Kiosks

Kiosks have been a high-performance retail tool for many years. They are effective use of retail space and make the most of high foot traffic areas. If designed well, they will provide customers with fast and effective service while promoting brand. There are a variety of kiosk types such as retail kiosks, information kiosks, self serve kiosks, and

 retail kiosks can be in-store kiosks

Retail Kiosk

sampling stations We will also discuss retail kiosk design in this article.

Retail Kiosks

Retail kiosks are typically found in within larger stores or as branded kiosks within shopping malls as stand alone kiosks.

Sampling Stations

Sampling stations are almost always found with in lager supermarkets and retailers that sell high quality beverages and food items including chocolate, alcohol, electronics and even Perrier water. Sampling stations are a specialty type of retail kiosk that we will talk about in detail in a future article.

Self Serve Kiosks

Recently self serve kiosks have become increasing popular in the past 5 years and often seen in fast food restaurants such as McDonalds where you can punch in your fast food order and then just wait in the service area. Self service kiosks are having a massive effect on fast food restaurants because customer have more control, can ensure their orders are correct. Many customers report a more positive experience waiting for kiosk time rather than waiting for an employee, who may be busy with another duty but provide the customer a feeling of being ignored.

Self service kiosks in restaurants with a simple menu offer a clear and linear touch screen ordering experience that customers feel is empowering and controllable. This is customer automation done correctly versus the backlash many supermarkets and retail giants are experiencing with self checkout counters.

In-store retail kiosk or Gondola



Some kiosks spaces are technically Gondolas but have much in common with the retail kiosk, the Mars (M&M’s) unit pictures in this article is technically a Gondola.

Information Kiosks

Most every mall and many public organizations such as hospitals and libraries have information kiosks which service their customers or clients.

Retail Kiosk Design

On first blush one may assume that kiosks have a lot in common with trade show booths or even pop up stores. However, there are very broad differences, what they do have in common is maximum utilization of space and effective brand design. Kiosk design requires high quality materials for long term use.

Retail Kiosk Design Has Impact

Branded Retail Kiosk Design

While a trade show booth is effective for high traffic flow in a very limited time the design is focused on ease of assembly, transportation and redeployment. A retail kiosk design on the other hand is created with permanent placement in mind and is extremely durable to ensure day after day, year after year performance in high foot traffic areas of a shopping mall or retail store.

Here are some considerations that have a high priority in kiosk design:

  • Signage/sightlines for the rest of the area
  • Power circuits, normally a couple of lines are required
  • Prior site visits to confirm accessibility for the space and existing services such as power and data access
  • Cabling for POS systems is of course crucial
  • How to secure kiosk after hours
  • Durability, the outside of the kiosk is subject to a lot of abuse from traffic and mall management such as cleaning and maintenance services.

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